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Barcelona is prepared to pay the reigning Premier League Player of the Year £160,000 per week for the next five years, but that would all be negated if his chompers find their way to another victim.

FC Barcelona’s offer for Suarez may have been bested, as m88 La Liga rivals Real Madrid are ready to shell out £90 million straight up for the Liverpool striker. It’s presumed that the Catalan giants will sweeten the deal with Chilean forward Alexis Sanchez along with a large sum of cash in exchange for Suarez.

This “no-bite” clause is the first of its kind in professional sports, but Suarez has been quite the repeat offender when it comes to biting opposing players. Regardless to whichever team Suarez is sold to, he is not allowed to participate in any organized soccer activities until October, as he has been suspended by FIFA for the next four months.

. Regardless of how you feel about him biting Otman Bakkal in 2011, Branislav Ivanovic last year or Giorgio Chiellini last week, Suarez is still a world class striker and perhaps one of the best players in today’s game. Liverpool is asking a minimum of £80 million for their star striker, despite his past liabilities, though Barcelona is expected to offer much less. That said, he makes any team instantly better as he is one of the best goal scorers out there. Top clubs in Europe are looking to buy Suarez from Liverpool FC, such as FC Barcelona and Real Madrid; but Barcelona aren’t willing to pay the Uruguayan star unless he signs a “no-bite clause” first.

FC Barcelona officials are reportedly negotiating a deal with Liverpool that would bring Suarez to Camp Nou. Madrid’s offer is not said to have a “no-bite clause” in the contract. Chiellini accepted Suarez’s apology all the while stating that he hoped his suspension would be reduced by FIFA.

Despite his disgracefully early exit from the World Cup in Brazil, Luis Suarez is still a highly sought after player on the transfer market. After initially claiming that he tripped, fell and landed teeth first on Chiellini’s shoulder during the World Cup match against Italy, Suarez apologized to his third biting victim on Monday, vowing that an occurrence such as this would never happen again

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